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  Stix  &  Stones  

        Stone Facial Massage Kit

   Rejuvenate cell tissue as you melt facial 

   tension, stimulate your nervous system

   and improve your oxygen intake, mood                                & attitude!

           Stix & Stones Heal Your Bones!

              Relax! Revitalize! & Renew! 

                    Anytime! Anywhere!

                            Set of Two


 Smudge  Feathers 

                      Your home is your sanctuary.

Cleanse and purify yourself, others, and all the rooms of your home from negative energy (and stale odors) as they do in temples and churches throughout  the world.  Native Americans call this "smudging".  These beautiful feathers are used to wave the smoke throughout the room or around a person.  Smudge Feathers come with a small white sage Smudge Stick.

                Hand Painted Smudge Feathers


Call for your Personalized Order:  530-386-3254

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