Artist DiAnna Britt

Locations Have Included

Lake Tahoe,  Beverly Hills,

Puerto Vallarta & Yalapa,

Summit, Manhattan, Bermuda

DiAnna is a former professional ballet dancer, has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Pratt Institute and innumerable certifications in the healing arts disciplines. As an artist, student of metaphysics, yoga and body therapist for  over two decades, these creative forms naturally merged. All creations from her art to her powerful healing products are created with woven prayers of intention and blessings. When we create we are dancing with the Divine. All creations hold the space for the embedded prayers which radiate the frequencies of these prayers and  blessings into the world.


                                      Relinquish all doubt with Unwavering Faith as we move 

BeYond 5D

- DiAnna

BeYond 5D is a license trademark  2016.