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Sacred Chakra Mirrors

Sacred Chakra Mirrors are both a beautiful piece of art and a powerful

meditation tool. Stand in front of the Sacred Chakra Mirror to align,

balance, & renew your energy instantly and as often as you like.


Use the Magic of the Ancients

When you Stand in front of the Sacred Chakra Mirror you invoke the power

and prayer of the sages. For over 5000 years ancient sages have charged

these symbols with meditation and prayer leaving their blessings as gifts

resonating through these sacred symbols. These powerful mandalas, along

with the crystallin structure and piezoelectric quality of the glass interacts with

the piezoelectric quality of our bodies which are ever-vibrating crystalline

structured organisms. This interaction balances and aligns your chakras.


The Sacred Chakra Mirror can be used with a variety of meditations,

visualizations, and crystals. Discover your own personal way of using this

mystical mirror. A powerful way to start and end your day and prepare for Ascension.


In Deepak Chopra’s address to the medical community in a PBS special, “The Soul of Healing”, he states that, “these energy centers can be measured scientifically”.

Also demonstrating a fast, simple sound meditation used with these chakras. These sacred sounds appear on the right-hand side of the Sacred Chakra Mirror and the most prominent aspect of each chakra appears on the left-hand side, as useful tools for a deeper understanding and integration of the subtle bodies.

Call for your Personalized Order:  530-386-3254


7- Colored

limited edition,

beveled glass w frame (not shown).



7-Color printed chakras with multi-color hand painted details, limited edition.

3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensional

Multi-Color representation

with infinity geometry



Etched Chakra Mirror is a custom order. Can come:

* with or without a frame, ready to hang

* Beveled

* Colored – hand painted from behind

* Can be back lit


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