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BeYond 5D

The Shoulder & Posture Recovery System



              A Lifetime Tool for Well Being!

The Shoulder Solution Alleviates Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Pain. Restores Posture, Strengthens Joints, Improves Flexibility, Range of Motion & Lung Capacity, Calms the Central Nervous System, Inspires Deeper Breathing and Channels Stress  Revitalizing All Systems of the Body

More Tension Relieving Benefits 

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Over time our bodies suffer because we have not maintained good posture.

This can have life altering affects. The Shoulder Solution allows you to 

maintain your body-temple now so you may live with optimum upper body mobility always.

6 Piece Kit: Essential Instruction Guide, Spinal Bolster,
         Knee Bolster, Neck  & Eye Pillow, Carry Bag

Prints may vary.

$210.00 + S&H

Call for your Personalized Order:  530-386-3254

For Hand Painted Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Kits Add $40. 

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Black Oak Golf Club

The Shoulder Solution as part of a golf class session.

Stress  Relieving Benefits

THE BLISS KIT benefits all physical and subtle bodies, improving mobility, digestion, circulation, insomnia, and more. The synergistic effect of this kit harmonizes all the systems the body offering balance and the release of tension and stress.


BENEFITS: From the Head Down

• Improves Posture

• Soothes the Eyes

• Quiets the Mind & Turns Awareness Inward

• Alleviates & Reduces Stress – Inspires Smiling!

• Relieves Headaches (can put eye bag in the freezer or microwave)

• Alleviates Facial, Jaw, Throat, Neck & Shoulder Tension

• Improves Mood & Attitude - Good Posture helps create Good Feelings and an Uplifted  Attitude. “Chin Up!”

• Alleviates Tension in the face, head, neck, and trapezius muscles

• Opens Energy Channels - The “Mouth of God Chakra” at the base of the scull and the Throat Chakra, 

   allowing energy to flow. Helps facilitate Speaking Your Truth.

• Calms the Central Nervous System

• Opens the Throat, Heart & Lungs

• Inspires Deeper Breathing - The Master Key to Health & Healing, transporting more      

• Oxygen/Blood/Energy & Awareness More Fully to the Body

• Alleviates Shoulder Tension & Pain

• Unlocks Habitual Patterns (hunching or looking down)

• Improves Range of Motion & Flexibility of the Shoulders

• Strengthens Tendons, Ligaments & Joints

• Restores Natural Neck & Shoulder Alignment

• Relieves Tension & Stress in the Neck, Throat, Shoulders, Upper & Middle Back

• Revitalizes & Renews All Systems of the Body

• Soothes the Central Nervous System   

• Improves Circulation*, Digestion*, Irregular Heartbeat*, Anxiety* and Insomnia*.

• Balances Spinal Energy Centers (Chakras)

• Supports the neck – Just the Right Amount, Soothing Vital Nerve Plexus’

• Helps align the spine

• Supports Lower Back (necessary for any lower back challenges!!)

• Soothes entire framework of the skeletal system

• Alleviates lower back tension and pain.   

• Creates a flowing alignment with the neck, spine, & knee support, the body is draped in a restorative and  

   soothing pattern

• Helps Create New Sleeping Pattern – Learn to Sleep on Your Back & save your neck, spine & shoulders!

THE BLISS KIT Shoulder & Posture Recovery System Instruction Guide©

Essential Guide for Passively Opening & Restoring Postural alignment & Shoulders Mobility.

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