INDIAN HEAD                 
Organic Material

Protector of Spirit & Tribe
This piece is about the beauty

and power and resilience of

the Human Spirit.

Protector of those who seek

Truth  and dance in harmony

with all life to the best of their ability.


Gold-Plated Bronze on African Wenge Wenge Wood. 
This transformative

piece radiates gracefully letting go, moving forward, and  transcending to a

new level of awareness.


DANCING BIRD                  
Organic Material from

the shores of Lake Tahoe.
Dancing Bird is bejeweled with sacred Hawaiian shells.

She reminds us to celebrate through dance and lightheartedness and is a
protector of innocence.


Organic Material

Warrior Protector Piece
The figure of a chanting woman with a beaded necklace and a cross at the back of the heart (beneath her headdress feathers) were preexisting in the wood and high-lighted by the artist. She called to me for wings of palmetto, a crown of sacred Hawaiian shells, with Hawaiian beads down her side. Being Native American in origin, I placed an arrowhead at her feet.

She sits perched upon a magnificent totem.
Protector of Family,
Land & Property


Clay, fiberglass mop head of hair
from a deserted California fruit
stand.  The mop lay in its perfection
wrapped around an old box in front
of a field of sunflowers. I knew
instantly it was her hair.
She tells the story oppressive forces
and fertile possibility.
Her Prayer is Forgiveness
Protector of Women

Warrior Transformative Piece    
Clay, Fiberglass, Wire, Dentures
His Prayer is Self-Forgiveness,
Grounded-ness, Playfulness,
& Fearlessness.


Primitive Beastie