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Organic Material : Bark & Ceramic

Protector of Spirit & Tribe
This piece is about the 

and power of the Human Spirit.

Protector of Truth, Liberty

& Freedom and those who

fight for them.

23" h x  26" w


Gold-Plated Bronze on African Wenge Wenge Wood. 
piece radiates grace from the heart of letting go, moving forward, & transcending to a new level of awareness.

13" w x 19" h

Organic Material from

the shores of Lake Tahoe.
Dancing Bird is keeper of the sacred and protector of the innocent. He reminds us to create and celebrate through dance. 

17" h x 14" w


Organic Material

Warrior Protector Piece
The figure of a chanting woman with beaded necklace and a cross at the back of the heart (beneath her headdress feathers) were preexisting in the wood and simply high-lighted by the artist. Wings of palmetto, a crown of sacred Hawaiian shells, with Hawaiian beads down her side and an arrowhead at her feet.

She sits perched upon a magnificent totem (not shown).      15" w x 14" h




A wall relief piece made from
clay, fiberglass, metal curls frim a drill press, a mop head of hair
from a .  I found the mop wrapped around an old box at a deserted California fruit 
stand in front
of a field of sunflowers. I knew
instantly it was her hair.
She tells the story oppressive forces
and fertile human potential.
Her Prayer is Forgiveness
Protector of Women and children.

50" h x 27" w

Wall relief piece
Warrior Transformative Piece   Clay, Fiberglass, Wire, Dentures.
His Prayer is Self-Forgiveness, Transformation,
Transmutation & Transcendence.

48" h x 37" w


Made of palmetto, sweet huck, plaster, paper, & marbles.
It's prayer is playfulness
The poem within: Optional
Large :12 h x 25" L
Small : 7" h x 12" L

Primitive Beastie

Nothing but Love Radiates from the Chakra's of this  kinetic pooch. Watch how the face follows you around the room as you move left, right, up, & down.

18" h x 16" w


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