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BeYond 5D

Wellness Products Designed to Release Tension,
Channel Stress & Energize Your Environment

 Your Body Is The Temple Of Your Spirit.


Make Beyond 5D your Temple Toolbox

BeYond 5D products Handcrafted
with Love in the USA.

The Physical Body

The Energetic &
Environment Body
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Shoulder & Posture Recovery System

Neck, Shoulder & Upper Back Pain Relief &

Lower Back Support

Exponential Benefits

Stix & Stones

Cold stone facial stress relieving tools

Pocket Prayer Cards

Share a Prayer 10 pack

give away cards

Sacred Chakra Mirrors

For Alignment, Meditation

and Beauty

Blue Pearl Yoga Ministries, Classes & Privates

Currently Northern NJ  Yin/Restorative/Anusara Inspired.

Commissions Available:

All Works are Prayer Pieces


Portal Portraits: Person or animal portraits. Steel, gold plated steel, cast bronze inlays.

Soul Sculptures

Angelic or portraiture wall reliefs:

clay & mixed media (crystals,clay, paint, gold leafing with steel & fiberglass reinforcing).                                              


Winged Totem's:

Organic (material) winged pieces with totem or base.

Dancing  Mobiles:

Personalized mobiles created with your own (or selected for you) life mementos such as shells, crystals, jewels, ancestral objects, keys etc.  Healing Crystals, specifically for your well being or intentions can be selectively added, cleared, charged & integrated into the design.

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Yoga Classes & Privates

Currently Northern NJ 

Yin/Restorative, Chair, Office, Power, Anusara Inspired Yoga

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